1.3 What does tactics have to do with self-defense?

Now that we have already established that self-defense systems are different already in their main objectives, from both martial arts and combat sports, this becomes even more obvious when you bring the element of tactics into play.

The primary goal of self-defense is to survive potential dangerous situations and possible attacks unscathed and ultimately get home safely. Logically, therefore, the ideal solution to a conflict is that there is no dispute in the first place! Tactics in the context of self-defense is therefore for us to use all available resources to avoid conflict in the first place. Should it ultimately be unavoidable and yet an attack occurs, our goal is to end it as easily, quickly and effectively as possible and to get us to safety. This in turn also includes the use of items that can help us defend, such as bags, chairs, items that can be used for hitting, etc. If not before, here it should become obvious, that self-defense is not a sport and definitely not a fitness course! This is, after all, about our lives and the, or the attackers, are far from being fair. To survive, we therefore need to be even more determined, resourceful and aggressive than the attacker! All of this belongs to us in the category of tactics, because these are strategies that we have to work out and get ready, before we get into dangerous situations, because then it may already be too late!

Of course, we want to keep the whole idea of self-defense as simple as possible, and we have already mentioned that it is becoming quite difficult to carry out complicated actions under the influence of fear, stress and adrenaline. One or the other may now be wondering how to think about strategies in such situations? But the answer here is again quite simple, you do it before you get into such a hopeless situation. We can divide the whole principle around tactics into four phases for simplification.


Behind these four terms lies a relatively simple concept that is easy to understand and therefore easy to use. We will return to all these individual phases in detail, for now it is purely a question of understanding the principle. So it’s a concept with multiple levels of escalation, like a traffic light system. AWARENESS -By this term, we mean situational awareness, or actively perceiving our environment in order to recognize potential dangers in a timely manner. AVOIDANCE -If we recognize danger in good time, we can usually successfully avoid them and thus prevent potential conflicts from occurring at all. FLIGHT – If we find ourselves unexpectedly in a dangerous situation, we increase the level of escalation now and try to get ourselves to safety by fleeing. FIGHT – The fight here is the very last option, which we basically choose only if there is no other way out, because any physical conflict carries with it the risk of serious consequences, legal, injury and possibly even death. However, in order to be able to apply this principle successfully, we need to think in good time in order to be able to properly assess and identify dangers and to develop strategies for responding in such a situation.

None of this is actually really complicated, in the professional field such security concepts are applied regularly, it is only new to us “regular folks”. Probably most have never consciously dealt with potential dangers, or at most maybe if something has happened to someone somewhere again, then people talk about such happe ings, but only few do wonder what they do in such a situation? Instead, it is often quasked around, I would show it that guy, if I would have a gun, well I’m sure many know these stories in countless variations. All that I’m going to teach you here under the heading of tactics is not from a textbook for secret agents or bodyguards, well admitted maybe partial, but fun aside, it’s actually all just common sense. If I were to say, hey today, is a demonstration of a right extremist party in the city, which is supposed to be disturbed by a large Anti-fa group and therefore there are hundreds of police on the ground, shall we go past there and eat an ice cream? I assume that most have understood what I want to go towards, to the others, of course, I am sorry … The main aim is therefore to actively include your personal safety and that of our family, when planing your day-to-day activities. When the weather is bad, we take umbrellas or a raincoat with us, when we plan an field trip we think of water, food, warm clothes, etc. It is amazing how little we think about our personal safety, whilst only a little common sense can simply eliminate many potential dangers before such situations even occur.

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