Self-defense course for professional users

Those who are professionally involved with aggressive customers, patients or conflict-prone persons, who are exposed to threats and attacks on a daily base, need applicable solutions.

In our view, vulnerable occupational groups are mainly employees of the security industry and emergency services, as well as social workers, nursing staff, public transportation workers and other occupations in which Employees face threat and physical attacks on a daily basis. In the contraryto civil self-defense, which can also be called “HIT AND RUN” in terms of approach, a different concept is needed here.

Professional approaches

From professionals, for professionals …

On the one hand, for reasons of occupation, one often cannot avoid potential conflict situations and therefore flight is not an option either, on the other hand, one cannot use the same methods for defense, since stepping into the genitals, or blows to the head of the attacker are not appropriate solutions for a professional. In the smartphone age, one must always expect that possible conflicts will be disseminated very quickly through social media and that one is therefore always under the critical eye of the public. It is therefore necessary to be able to protect oneself,and possibly others, from attacks, but always taking into account both the legality and the public image of the employer/client.

Time is money …

We understand that the decision to educate and train your employees is an investment.

We have therefore drawn up a compact, 16-hour training programme that covers the content of the needs from the general professional sector. This program can be booked in modules of 4×4 or 2×8 hours, and we can offer you the organization of the course, both in our premises, or as an in-house event with you. Our course program is a complementary concept in terms of content that aims to communicate effective methods for self-protection and control of dangerous situations and attackers, alone and in a team.

What do my employees learn in this course?

De-escalation, conflict management, intervention, control and restraint of attackers …

The focuses of our standard course program is on conflict management and self-protection , effective intervention, control and restraint techniques, as well as teamwork in coping with attackers, with and without means of use such as Pepperspray or Palmstick. If our course program does not meet the needs of your company, we will also be happy to provide you with an individual training program that meets your needs. For requests for offers, please fill out the form on this page, or email us with the note „Corporate Training“ in the subject. We will process your request as soon as possible and get in touch with you.

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