Self-defense courses for children and adolescents

We offer courses specifically aimed at specific age groups.

Self-defense courses for children are very much on trend, but not every course is the same here either. We took a lot of time here and brought experienced educators into the team to jointly develop a program that really meets the needs of certain age groups. We have courses for preschool and primary school age children with topics of violence prevention, self-assertion and the age of appropriate self-defense, such as hand exemptions, hair pulling, etc. We also offer a program for young people, which deals in the theoretical part, focusing on topics such as bullying, social media, sexual harassment, dangers of alcohol and drugs, as well as clique formation, and in the practical part young people is also concerned with Already to concrete defenses against one or more attackers, defense against stranglehold attacks, defense on the ground, aids such as pepper spray and Co. or the backpack for defense.

Preschool and primary school age children

Age group 5-10 years

While with adult students we complete the theoretical part in an online course, it is especially important for children of this age, to present them these topics in the course cautiously in an understandable and playful way. Topics we deal with include correct behavior in conflict situations, strife and de-escalation of conflicts, empathy-recognizing feelings of my counterpart, voice formation-why it is so important to get loud, dealing with persons foreign to me, Code word in the family, life rafts-where and how do I get help, my body is mine-demarcation and self-awareness for the kisses I don’t like, self-awareness-how does that work, and much more. In the field of self-defense: Stand still, protection, liberation from holding/poor/hair/clothes, simple kicks when I’m lying on the ground-what do I do? Carrying away by an adult, etc. Through realistic role-playing games, we will practice this with the kids. These games, all of which refer to the educational goal, are the focal point of this course. The children can try in the course, in small groups among themselves and work to implement what they have learned in stressful situations. Parents are informed of the course schedule in preliminary discussions and a reflection with the parents follows in order to give and offer support in the family as well.


Young people

Age group 11-14

Especially in today’s time, with the influence of social media and the Internet, young people are much more mature than they were a year or two ago. The age process up to 14 results only from the fact that from this age we allow adolescents to our courses for adults and consider this to be useful. The course, which is specially developed for young people, therefore aims at an age group that is taking its first independent steps into the world of Instagram, Facebook and Co., so that topics include: Bullying, Gang formation and demarcation, my Body – I determine! Confident demeanour, safety raft – who can I trust? Influences of alcohol and drugs, what is there? How do I recognize and avoid? Sexual harassment, Facebook and Co. – who can hide behind the profile? K. O. drops, attention and prevention. In the practical part of the self-defense we then deal with topics such as voice formation, liberation from clutching handle/arm/body/body/clothes, kicks and kicks, as well as their abbreding, defense in the ground position, defense against a stranglehold, as well as several attackers, pepper spray, palm stick and alternatives from the handbag, or backpack defense against kicks and punches. Here, too, scenario training is used to simulate realistic situations and thus ensure that the learned can also be applied successfully under stress.

Who can book these courses?

Our course program can also be booked by schools, clubs, etc.

We regularly organize self-defense courses for children to which parents can register their children individually. We are also open to any kind of cooperation and have often organised such courses with schools, clubs, businesses or other organisations. If you are interested in hosting our self-defense course with you, we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail. We are then happy to send you a non-binding offer as well as appropriate references. We are happy about every opportunity to pass on our knowledge and, above all, to make our children stronger, more confident and safer.

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