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We are not about sport or fitness, we want to make you defensible as soon as possible.

Our self-defense course is short but very intense! A total of 16 hours of intensive training awaits you, in 4 course modules of 4 hours each. The content we teach in this course is equally suitable for women and men of all ages (from 14 years). Physical fitness is not a prerequisite for us to be able to defend yourself successfully! (If you have any health problems, please consult a doctor beforehand).

Who is this suitable for?

For anyone – no prior knowledge is required!

This course is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for experienced martial artist who are interested in realistic self-defense. We refrain from unnecessary formalities, the perfect execution of techniques, exams, long-term contracts and colorful belts… Our goal is to make participants defensible as soon as possible! This course is therefore ideal for people who just want to learn how to defend themselves effectively, without having to learn martial arts for months or years.

What will you learn with us?

In our course, we teach you the basics of tactical self-defense.

Based on the Israeli self-defense systems Krav Maga and Kapap, in this intensive course we will provide you with the most effective solutions for the most common attacks on the streets. The techniques are based on natural reflexes and are therefore very easy to learn and resistant to stress. Every human being has an innate survival instinct, a skill that nature has given us, all we do is activate it.

The curriculum includes:
• Various striking and kicking techniques • Defense against punches and kicks • Introduction of counterattacks • Defense against multiple attackers • Liberation from grabs and bear-hugs • Defense against choking • Defense against hair pulling • Escapes from Headlocks • Correct falling and defense in the ground position • Defense against attacks with stick and baseball bat • Defense against knife attacks • Palmstick and key as a tool for defense

Can I defend myself after that?

Yes, this course will activate your natural defensive capabilities!

The individual modules build on each other and deepen what we have learned. At the end of each module, we then put the participants to the test in so-called stress drills. Under extreme physical and psychological strain, we simulate realistic attacks, and the participants learn to apply the defense techniques even under stress. Whilst it certainly is very individual how much you can take with you from such a course, we regularly see most participants making astonishing progress, in the shortest possible time. You will be surprised to discover what you are capable of!

How much does this course cost?

What is your safety worth?

Believing that self-defense is more than just combat techniques, we call this “tactical self-defense.” The theoretical part of our course therefore serves as preparation for the practical course modules and deals with tactical topics, e.g. how to recognize hazards in time and successfully avoid them before it even comes to conflict. The theoretical part contains much important basic knowledge for a better understanding of situational awareness and rules of conduct in conflict situations. Since we see it as our mission to constantly expand this knowledge and make it accessible to as many people as possible, we have decided to turn it into a complete online course in the near future, which we will offer for FREE and make it accessible to everyone.

The practical part is our 16 hours intensive self-defense course. This is offered at a growing number of locations and the experience gained from training with partners and guidance from experienced instructors is irreplaceable. We therefore encourage everyone to take a self-defense course, after all, it’s about your safety.

The cost of the 16-hour self-defense course is £ 99,-. There is also a VIP option for £ 129,- including our mega cool team T-shirt, which for example, is especially suitable as a gift.

What our students say …

Absolutely recommended!!! Very good trainers and great students, the training exercises, easy to learn with a way where the motivation just comes on its own. Just try it out and decide for yourself, after that you will surely agree with me.

“Despite muscle soreness and bruises, I’m extremely excited about the self-defense course. All participants are uncomplicated, top coach, useful tips and assistance and patient “victims” to practice on. There’s no question about it, I’ll definitely come back!. “

PATRIZIA CULTRARO, Course participant

“Simple to implement, logically, super trainer, also absolutely suitable for so-called “older persons,” not girls defense which does not bring anything, but full action. But only that brings something in an emergency, a few bruises included, but it is absolutely worth it!

MARION ROTH, Course participant

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