1. Basics of tactical self-defense

Hi, I am happy that you take the time to read this text, I hope that in the end it will be worth your time. For my part, I have decided to write this here to motivate as many people as possible to go through life fearlessly. The information you will find here, are a small guide that is intended to teach, you easy and fast the basics of effective self-defense. But let’s first briefly come to the question of who I am and why you should believe what I am writing here? My name is Renato Skofac and I’m actually just quite the ordinary guy next door, hard working, a husband and family man, like so many others. Well almost…

Of course, I would not presume to give advice on such a serious subject here, without at least a little bit of the skills to do so, so just a few words about my experience in this area. With martial arts and self-defense training, I started at the age of 12, back than out of personal distress, to be able to fight back against bullies and tormentors. Over the years, this has become more of a passion that has accompanied me throughout my life. But since I had to experience even after years of training that you can still learn something new, I have learned and practiced various martial arts over the last three decades, from Karate, Kung Fu and Kick Boxing, to Ninjutsu and Systema RMA, all the way to Krav Maga and Kapap.

Professionally, I now also look back on more than 20 years of international experience in almost all areas of the security industry. I have served in an elite military unit, completed numerous training courses in security, personal protection and tactical handling of weapons, completed training as a security technician and studied crisis and security management. All this I mention not to portray myself as a great expert, but to give the necessary legitimacy to what I would like to share with you here.

“Anyone can defend themselves!” Is our motto and I fully stand by that!

In addition to my professional commitments, I teach both civilians as well as professionals from the security field for years in effective tactical self-defense. Despite all my experience, I have not become a great master of all the martial arts I’ve studied, but rather see myself as an eternal student. I have always been more interested in practical applicability, then in blind following of rules and traditions and this has never been very popular. I also believe that an effective self-defense system should always continue to evolve. Most providers prefer to stick to rigid association structures and blindly follow their curriculum, without ever critically questioning them. Many are only concerned with membership figures, annual contracts, exam fees and the sale of equipment anyway. We decided to be consciously different! If techniques don’t work for the majority of our course participants, we remove them. Likewise we are always open to learning new things and if a better solution to a problem is offered, then that finds its way into our curriculum. With us there are no long-term contracts, no exams and no colorful belts, instead you can quickly and easily learn how to defend yourself effectively, that’s what we’ve made our mission. This text here is intended to give my students, but also all others who have an interest in the subject, an insight into the basics of tactical self-defense.

Renato Skofac

Basics of tactical SD – 1
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