1.7 Fight

And if in the end all “peaceful” possibilities for conflict resolution were exhausted and yet there is an altercation, or if the event of an unexpected attack, there was no possibility to prevent it, then we fight!

At this point, usually our self-defense course starts, in which we learn how to react to different attacks in order to defend ourselves. Mind set is particularly important to us and it is quite clear that giving up is not an option! When we fight, we give everything without restraint and fight for our lives!

I also use a personal expression for it, I call this the “BEAST MODE!,” although it’s also just another expression of survival instinct.

Now this was a slightly longer introduction that dealt with how to avoid fighting as much as possible and preferably rather flee and now suddenly the coach says, if you fight then fight uncompromisingly, fight for your life! When I explain at this point how we should behave in battle, questions arise again and again as to whether this is not in contradiction with everything I have said so far? No, not at all. I assume that normal people prefer to avoid conflicts rather than seek them. In this sense, as a peaceful person, it is my goal to encourage and to show various possibilities of non-violent conflict resolution.

As an self-defense instructor however, I naturally have the opinion that violence is quite a solution, when necessary! But it is also important to me that my course participants and students also understand that violence is the last option, not the universal solution to all problems.

Finally, a little Asian wisdom that sums this up perfectly:

“A student say to his master: Master you teach me to fight but talk about peace, how does this make sense? To which the Master replies: It is better to be a warrior in the garden than to be a gardener in war! “

Today’s KRAV MAGA is a relatively young and modern self-defense system that had begun its development into today’s form after the founding of the State of Israel, after the Second World War. As a future military CQB fighting and body performance system of the Israeli Army, both the combat experiences from the pre-war and wartime times, as well as techniques from other martial arts, served as the basis for the development of KRAV MAGA. The techniques should be easy to learn and applicable under high stress, even if the user had only little time to exercise before. So the concept was based on building combat techniques on the natural human instincts. For this purpose, it was investigated how the soldiers trained reacted naturally under stress, only then on the basis of these instinctive reactions were defensive techniques developed. It was also recognized that positive aggressiveness on the part of the fighters is extremely important. KRAV MAGA therefore responds with aggressive defense to violent attacks and pursues the intention of neutralizing the attacker as soon as possible. In addition, the trainee develops a survival mentality, because giving up will have catastrophic consequences. “NEVER GIVE UP!”

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