1.6 Escape

Likewise, fleeing also falls under the category of tactics, and clearly represents a solution for conflict resolution! If I find myself in a potentially dangerous situation and there is still the possibility of escape in order to avoid a conflict, this is always the only right choice!

“Escape is tactics, not a sign of weakness!”

Have we identified a potentially dangerous situation in time, we may still be able to turn around and walk back to the car, or board a bus or tram and just drive a station to get to safety, no matter where the journey goes. Any conflict bears the risk of being hurt or even worse, so avoiding conflict should be a top priority.

Thus, escape as a tactical element is also appropriate at any time of the conflict, that is, even after one has already successfully defended himself, because one never knows if the attacker has accomplices who rush to his aid, or if he still has a weapon with which he then again apportions us. Our goal, therefore, is always to get us to safety as quickly as possible, even after an already repelled attack!

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