"Anyone can defend themselves!"


Don’t be a victim! Learn to FIGHT BACK!

“Don’t be a victim! Learn to defend yourself! “ We have made it our mission to teach people how to successfully defend themselves!


We are an internationally operating, independent provider of solutions for tactical self-defense. We teach effective and easy-to-learn self-defense in the form of intensive courses. Our courses are specifically tailored for target groups, such as children and adolescents, adults men and women of all ages, as well as professional users who are exposed to threats and violence in everyday life. We are passionate about the matter, because for us this is not sport, hobby or profession, but rather a calling. We love working with people, making them strong and showing them what they are capable of and therefore we stick to our daring vision:

“We want to make the world a safer place, one course participant at a time!”


“The definition of “Fight Back” is to stand up and and defend ourselves and to launch a counterattack against someone who attacks us or causes us harm. “Tactical” can be defined as a strategic action or plan aimed at helping someone successfully manage a particular situation. These two terms combined, define our fundamental values. The “Fight Back – Tactical Academy” is dedicated to the research of violence and criminal behavior, development and constant improvement of effective countermeasures, and teaching these disciplines to make a difference in the world.

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“Anyone can defend themselves!” Our self-defense courses are suitable for everyone, no prior knowledge is required!





“Anyone can defend themselves!” is one of our motto’s and we mean that literally! Unfortunately, it is a widely spread believe, that one must be particularly strong and super fit in order to be able to defend yourself successfully, many even believe that a woman could never defend herself against an aggressive and determined male attacker. Luckily, we don’t really care what other people say, after all, we have years of experience that prove them wrong and that makes us the experts in this field. There are also crime statistics that clearly show that in over 80% of rape attempts, the perpetrator lets off his victim and flees, if he encounters massive resistance. As you’ve probably noticed, we like strong mottos, because they bring important conclusions so beautifully to the point, just like this one: “Perpetrators are looking for victims, not opponents!”

Actually, it’s especially weaker people, those who are unfit and generally feel unsafe, victims of bullying and acts of violence, who need good self-defense training. Self-defense training is not a fitness course, although many providers try to sell it to you like that, some of them now even advertise it like that: “Get fit, lose weight and learn to defend yourself.” Although we would encourage you to live a healthy life and be fit, we don’t really care about your fitness level when it comes to our courses. A good self-defense system has to adapt to the human being and offer him solutions that work, taking into account his personal capabilities. In addition, self-defense is so much more than just a few fighting techniques and tricks, which is why we call it “Tactical”. We will teach you how to recognize the dangers you might face in time, so you can avoid them if possible, as well as how to deal with attackers, should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation to defend yourself. In doing so, we prefer to focus on your mental strength and activate your natural survival instincts, rather than on your fitness. You will be surprised, what you are capable of!

What we do is not martial arts training! Both, martial arts and fighting sports, have completely different goals. Self-defense is mostly just a welcome add on used for promotion. Most martial arts schools nowadays, are anyways mainly focused on finding as many long-term paying members as possibles. It is therefore not surprising at all that it takes months, or even years, to be able to defend yourself successfully, (if at all). We value all martial arts and fighting sports, but the realistic application for self-defense on the street is often questionable. No matter how tough they may seem, at the end of the day there are always rules in place, that protect the fighters from injury. It is not allowed to stab in the eyes, kick to the groins, throat punch , bite, or use everyday objects for your defense, but these are among others, some of the most effective self-defense techniques. We say “You fight like you train” therefore, if you don’t train how to deal with larger opponents, people who are extremely aggressive and reckless in an attack, how to behave against multiple attackers who continue to kick you on the ground, or how to encounter attacks with different weapons like knifes, sticks and guns, how should you then be able to defend yourself in an real attack when your life is at stake?

Of course, as with everything else, you have to invest a lot of time if you want to take become a good fighter. So if you goal is to become a master, it will certainly take years. On the other hand, we can successfully teach you the basics of effective self-defense in just a few weekends. How is that possible? Let’s compare this with a first aid course. I am sure you agree with me that completing a first aid course makes sense and that everyone should have done something like this. This, of course, doesn’t make a doctor out of anyone, but already in a few hours you get a good overview of the various risks of injury and how to deal with them in an emergency. You will be even empowered in no time to save your own, or someone else’s life. We like to look at self-defense with the same logic. In our opinion, everyone should have completed such a course in which the basics of self-defense are taught. This is already enough to better understand the risks and learn how to behave in case of an attack. Such a short self-defense course will certainly not make a martial art master out of you, but you will get a pretty good understanding of what to expect in such situations and how to deal with them to get home alive.

We have put together a concept for our self-defense course based on years of experience. The techniques we teach are deliberately simple and therefore easy to learn, they offer solutions to the most common attacks experienced in reality on the street. Particular emphasis is given to the promotion of mental strength, which is essential to successfully survive a brutal attack. An important part of the training are also so-called stress drills, in which attacks are simulated as realistically as possible, in order to give the students the experience of how the body functions under the influence of stress, fear and adrenaline. Techniques must be resistant to stress, and must also be applicable under extreme conditions. Many of our participants decide to repeat the course, even several times. We also regularly organize seminars on specific topics such as knife defense, which then build on the learned foundations. The compact format of our courses with intensive block lessons on weekends and the theoretical part as free on-line content, make our courses ideal for people who have little time for training. We have no long-term contracts, no exams and no colorful belts, we are only concerned with effective self-defense that withstands the demands of reality.

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